Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fantasy baseball: still in the running

So, up until this week, all four of my fantasy baseball teams were kicking ass. And then the Yankees decided to stop trying and my point totals went into the toilet.

So, three of my teams were eliminated. But one has made it to the next round...go me!

Once the playoffs start, the style of play in my fantasy league changes. You no longer have players and get points for those players (how could you, since many of them are not on postseason teams?) Instead, you try to string together the longest streak by picking one team to win each day. If your team wins, your streak continues. If your team loses, your streak starts over again from 0. So from here on out, it really becomes a game of luck. I mean, you know who the favored teams are and who the underdogs are, but upsets happen all the time in sports. Any team could win on any given day. My picks will probably be Yankee heavy. But sometimes other teams will have an ace of a pitcher on the mound and I may have to go with them. We'll see. I wish I was playing with four chances to win, but one shot at the grand prize is better than no shot, right?

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