Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Aaand the Yankees are in the playoffs...but there's still drama a'plenty

No drama for the Yanks, though - the Bronx Bombers clinched a playoff spot this afternoon with a come-from-behind win (insert inappropriate but funny gay joke here) to beat the Tampa Bay Rays.

There is still a little over a week to play in the regular season, though, and the drama is whether the Boston Red Sox can hold on to their 2-game lead over the Rays to eke their way into the postseason as the wild card. The boyfriend made an interesting point the other night - that given the New York-Boston rivalry, couldn't Joe Girardi give the Rays a leg up by letting them win a game or two during this series in order to catch up to, and possibly eventually pass, Boston? Boy, I would love to see the BoSox completely collapse. But the boyfriend also had yet another good point, that Yanks-Red Sox rivalry aside, the Rays are a pretty good team (and if you're looking for young, hot, and pretty decent on the field baseball players, look no further than Evan Longoria) and it would suck if the Yanks helped them crush the Red Sox in the regular season only to be crushed by the Rays in the postseason.

So...the drama remains, which is kind of cool because at this point in the season, pretty much every postseason berth is basically decided, which renders most of these games completely meaningless. A team that's out can only hope to help or spoil the chances of another team, if that team has any other team nipping on its heels. Like Boston and the Rays. So if you're watching baseball at all this week, check out a game being played by either of those teams, because those are the games that still have something on the line...but me, I'll just be sitting back enjoying yet another Yankees September! :)

PS Congrats to Mo Rivera for finally getting the numbers to back up what everyone in the whole universe already knows - that he's the best closer in baseball, EVER. He got save 602 earlier this week, but since I spent three straight days sleeping off a fever, I didn't get to comment until now. Better late than never!

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