Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wow! It really ain't over til it's over!!

As late as 11 pm last night, this is not how I thought the Boston Red Sox-Baltimore Oriole game and Tampa Bay Rays-New York Yankees games would go. Boston had led Baltimore 3-2 for the entire freakin' game. The Yanks were crushing the Rays, 7-0. If I had gone to bed, as my tired, weary soul wanted to, I would have been shocked by what I was reading in the sports section this morning.

But I'm a baseball fan. I know better. There are some games that are just over before the seventh inning stretch, one team is so dominant over the other. But both these games were won at the very last, possible moment. Talk about melo-drama! And because of that, today the Red Sox go home and the Rays get to start preparing for the playoffs. My mom always said she couldn't watch baseball because the games were so boring, and half the time, I'll give her that. But not last night. She would have gone to bed while the Yankees were still up by 7. She would have been missing out...

On a completely unrelated note, I went to Dick's Sporting Goods yesterday to look at Jets jerseys, to see if the actual store, unlike the internet, had more options than just Sanchez, Revis, or Burress. They didn't. And to be honest, I'd be perfectly happy with one of those. I just wish my man D'Brickashaw could get some love!

Congrats to the Rays - and look out Detroit. We're comin' for ya!! :)

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