Monday, September 12, 2011

You win some, you lose some: NFL Week 1

Although the NFL season officially started on Thursday with the high-scoring Saints v. Packers game (looovve Aaron Rodgers!), yesterday was when most of the Week One games happened, and I had an appropriately football-centric Sunday, albeit without wearing one of my Manning jerseys... :(

Oh well. I bill myself a New York Giants fan, but with a father and brother who are HUGE Jets fans and my hometown represented on Gang Green by D'Brickashaw Ferguson, my team loyalty is much more fluid for football than it is for baseball. I'm going to buy a Jets jersey. I just have to decide which player to get.

Anyway, yesterday the boyfriend and I watched both games - Sundays in the fall can get completely sucked up if you really invest in watching more than one game, but the key to not having it be a total waste of a weekend day is to watch it in a social setting - hang out with your friends, go to a bar, spend that time with other people. It's so much more fun! Like I said, I bill myself a Giants fan, but this girl thoroughly enjoyed the Jets' season opener so much more. Much of that had to do with the fact that the Giants lost. To the Redskins. Bleh. And the way they were playing, they deserved to lose. (I sound like my mother when I say things like that, but it's true.) Part of it probably had to do with the fact that we missed at least half the game since we watched it at a friend's house with three shrieking, high energy girls under the age of three and a licking-crazy dog running around. They all loved me, of course, and they were super adorable, but nonetheless distracting.

So there was that. For the Jets game, though, the boyfriend and I transitioned to Hooters. (Yes, unfortunately, every now and then I go to Hooters.) They had great tvs in every corner, and a really amped up crowd of both Jets and Cowboys fans. That game also seemed like it was going to be a wash, and while we hate losing, New York football fans REALLY hate to lose to Dallas. The nailbiting fourth quarter definitely made up for the first three that almost had me lamenting two New York losses in one week. (Plaxico Burress was totally kicking ass as a Jet, BTW!) And especially on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, it was nice to have a New York team win at home.

Of course, one game doesn't mean anything. A first game loss doesn't herald a terrible or lost season. But it sets the tone of a season, definitely, and its your first glimpse of whether a player has improved or gotten worse in the off season, how new teammates and coaches are meshing, and who's got the thirst for a championship. I'd been leaning toward getting a Mark Sanchez Jets jersey, but after his performance in yesterday's game reminded me of just how awesome he is (interception!), I'm totally back on board the Darrelle Revis jersey train...

It's going to be a fun season!

Tonight's Monday Night Football: New England v. Miami at 7 pm, Oakland v. Denver at 10:15 pm

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