Friday, September 30, 2011

The ALDS begins tonight but the real dilemma...what to wear while I watch?

Yes, that's right. In the baseball world today, Terry Francona is supposedly parting ways with the Boston Red Sox, the Yankees have to get out of cruisin' mode and return to fightin' mode against the Detroit Tigers, but my number one concern is that I don't have any cute New York Yankees shirts to wear to support my team tonight.

Welcome to the trials and tribulations of being a female fan.

This is the same dilemma I faced in August when I went to Yankee Stadium to watch the Yanks play the Angels, but the solution to that problem came in the form of a summer shirt, which does me no good in this beautiful fall weather. But last night when I suggested to the boyfriend that we go to a bar to watch the game tonight (yes, it was my suggestion - he had forgotten the playoffs start tonight. I've been known to date some very weird men...), I realized that I have nothing to wear to show off my Yankee pride. The cutest baseball shirt I own is a Joe Mauer one. I hardly think that would go over well with Yankee fans. Or any Tigers fans, either, I suppose. My favorite Yankee t-shirt is one I bought to wear to the 2009 World Series championship parade, but a) I can't find it and b) I don't want to jinx the Yanks by wearing a championship shirt from another year. I'm a sports fan AND Irish - you better believe I'm superstitious like that.

Unfortunately, I'd say the only solution to this most serious problem is to go shopping for something new to can be so hard sometimes! ::evil smile::

On a serious note, though, tonight is a whole new ballgame, pun intended. The Tigers are no joke, and they can, and have, beat the Yankees, so I hope the team is as ready as I am to get our game on...

Game on!!

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