Monday, September 26, 2011

Cowboys vs., Redskins: Monday Night Football y'all!

It's like we're in the Wild West tonight, folks!

As a fan of all teams New York, I can not in good conscious ever root for the Dallas Cowboys. I think it could quite possibly lead to the revocation of my New Yorker card. And I used to live in Washington, DC for awhile, so since I feel an affinity for any team I can find a connection to, as tenuous as that connection might be, I'm rooting for the Redskins to hold on and pull through tonight, even though I couldn't tell you a single player on Washington's team...except for Rex Grossman. And I only know that cuz I looked the game up on

That's right. I don't know everything. (Don't tell my boyfriend - he calls me Mary Google). But when I don't know something, I look it up. Using the actual Google. Cuz that's how you learn. And impress your boyfriend the next time you have a conversation about football, making him think you know everything, at least about sports, and sometimes to some guys, that's as good as actually knowing about everything... :)

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